RAW Entry #11 – When 

June 14th, 2017 

UPDATE: Just so y’all know I haven’t neglected the blog there was a death in the family. So I needed a few days. 

This person served in the Canadian Military, was 23 and has now saved 6 lives with his organs. 

So please send your blessing  🙏💙

BLOG TOPIC: when your so called bestie says she’ll call you right back and doesn’t 

Or when you send a snap of you having a meltdown/in tears to your bestie and she doesn’t  even respond but everyone else does 

when you boil spaghetti noodles on high and forget 

When life is put into perspective 

When you realize your full potential 

When you buy a gym membership to get back into routine after losing your job, ending a terrible relationship and emotionally eating 

When you don’t worry about money and the Gov calls saying you over paid on a loan and send you 50$ 

When you’re smart with your money and you can afford to fly home 

When you figure life out 

When school is paid for my the government so to take advantage of the opportunity to better yourself and your life 

When everything isn’t as bad as it seems 

When your family loves you 

When you start making soup at 7pm 


Hug someone you love and show them that you care xoxo 




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