RAW Entry #12 – Life Cycle 

June 23rd, 2017

So it’s been a wild ride guys – my 23yr old cousin passed away tragically and the funeral was yesterday… 

The days leading up to yesterday were filled with  events that didn’t let me think about it and blogging today I feel okay to talk about it. 

It’s heart wrenching when you surpass your children on the earth plane. My heart broke a thousand times for my Aunty K and the family. 

It was a beautiful ceremony 

Mom read the eulogy, he was enlisted in the Canadian military and so there was the presentation of the flag and barret and just so many tears.. 

I apologize that I’ve been neglectful of my blog but life happens and it’s just easier to not have expectations. 

Family is everything and the I love yous are important – get them in. 

This is just a short explanation of what’s been happening recently. 

I’ve also met a dude who doesn’t want to be written about so that’s off the table… 

Other then that it’s pretty kid filled with my baby cousins I love like they were my own xo 




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