RAW Entry #8 – Love Vibes 

June 5th, 2017 

It’s about 730am right now and all I’ve been able to think about is love. Lol I’m headed out to on a trip with my hubby who needs to see a specialist regarding his medical condition. 

We get a hotel stay for 2 nights an indoor pool and hot tub, free breakfast and quality time together. I feel like it’s long overdue. 

Take time for your romantic relationship. There is nothing more special than the one on one no friends around romance. The kitchen sex and admiring the naked body of your partner while they confidently wonder about around you. 

These are things you aren’t able to do with people around. I guess I’m a little love struck at the moment and just wanna share the love with. Y’all ❤️

Let someone know how much they are loved. The world we live in today is cruel and unpredictable. It’s never too late xox 

I love you guys – I’ve never met you but we’ll always have one thing in common 

WE ARE HUMAN – oh and we blog hahahaha 

Happy Monday – don’t be an asshole lol 

MAD LOVE ❤️💛💚💙💜💗


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RAW Entry #7 – Short & Sweet 

June 3rd, 2017 

Day drunk -it’s a thing… especially when a home girl calls you up needing you. 

It’s honestly the most beautiful thing to become friends with another human being. The transition from strangers to friends is profound. 

Especially when you were once co workers and now you’re getting together outside of the office dynamics. The mask is off!! – there is nothing to hide now hahaha 

It was a great day making a new friend – she kicked my ass 2-1 playing pool. Even thought me a thing or 3 – super grateful. 

We’ll be hustling homies on Fridays – hahaha jk 

But best of all there were no boundaries no judgements and complete vulnerability which made for easy communication and great laughs. 

As for the future of our friendship – only time will tell. 

Mad love 


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RAW Entry #6 – The Vortex 

June 1st, 2017

Don’t let emotions control your mind – which sets your mood – then your tone for the day – the people around you and circles around again. 

I was totally in a space where life was getting to me and the everyday was just not what made me happy anymore. So with a lot of feeling sorry for myself and cleaning I was able to change my mind set. 

It also helped that I have someone in my life whom is struggling with addiction and a severe heart condition. I don’t compare my life to theirs but it definitely helps keep things into perspective. We’re not at all on the same life path but *warning cliché* – “it could be worse”

Pitty parties shouldn’t last longer than nesessary lol or you put yourself in a rut which takes ample amount of energy to get out of. 

So my mindset switched – resume is up to date, searching schooling options, and getting back on the everlasting healthy train lol 

Baby steps and find the happiness in the little things. Practice the laws of attraction your thoughts are your reality and so on and so forth haha 

It’s been an uphill struggle for the last 60 days but there’s always a positive in everything work your hardest to find it. 

And people – surround yourself with people who have your best interests at heart and who genuinely care – the check in friends are everything. Shoutout to the homies who check in and put a smile on my face xox love you!! 

Mad love 


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RAW Entry #5 – 3000kms 

May 30th, 2017

I can not help but feel forgotten, annoyed and sad. 

I strongly believe that when a person matters to you then the bond should matter the relationship should matter and the person should also matter

& I’m not feeling that right now…… 

Fact: I moved 2 provinces over, if anything I get it -I’m 3000kms away from where I use to be. 

That visit home I wrote about: well it turned a few rocks over and helped me see things as they really are. That distance isn’t for the weak, only the real and the strong can prevail. 

I have a couple of girlfriends who also live far away, so I understand what it takes to maintain a lasting long distance friend/relationship. But I can’t expect the world to understand, there’s always going to be someone who doesn’t. 

We all live our own lives, have your things we do, people we gravitate towards, goals and dreams etc but when we start forgetting about people “that matter” where are the priorities??? 

Friends are the saving grace even the ones who are far away – though maybe this is that moment where I need to open my eyes and accept that [cliché] we’re drifting apart. 

When you’re starting to feel like you don’t know someone anymore that’s a clear sign that shit ain’t right! Lol 

But do you express your feelings? Do you inflict that drama into their lives? How much does it matter? 

Like do I send a text? Hahah this is the world we’re living in.. 

We were like 2peas in a pod -shared all our feelings, goals and ideas and just kept it real.. 

usually when this sort of thing happens it’s because there’s an underlying issue someone is holding back. Sure, things aren’t how they use to be but then lets just express that and move on lol 

Treat people like how you want to be treated – never be afraid to express yourself! (I’m taking my own advice) 

Living knowing the closest person to you feels the furthest away is unsettling and weighs on my mind because I care about bond, I care about the friendship, I care about the person! 

Change is always for the better and everything happens for a reason 

Mad love 


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RAW Entry #4 – Money

May 28th, 2017 

Okay so last month I lost my job! 

Between then and now I traveled home to see my great grandma who is 96 mostly, the rest of the family and a few solid friends. Attempting to avoid the inevitable.. 

Today was the day I bit the bullet and took at look at my finances. Who knew that it would send me into a complete panic attack/anxiety spiral – I sure as hell didn’t. That aside I had to hammer through it. 

With my visit home and no job I was really regretting the poor spending choices I made as it only set me back further – but no regrets, it was what it was and I can’t dwell. 

Thankfully I had my last paycheque and an abundant tax return plus my birthday to float me through so I’m okay. But with payments and rent and food and transportation that money is slowing fading… 

the pressure of making my payments on time is pressing and the fact that I’ve been relentlessly putting hundreds if not thousands on a CC that has not really moved has thrown me into the deep end. (It’s cancelled – the intrest rate is killing me) so I called and they weren’t helpful. 

So I did the next best thing (send me positive vibes) in 10-15 days I will find out for sure, but I applied for a 0% interest rate CC – transferring the balanace which would help me dramatically considering the amount of money I’ve been putting towards the balance WHICH HAS NOT FRICKEN MOVED – so frustrating 

Credit cards are helpful if you’re responsible I am my own worst enemy here I get that. But still when you want nothing more than to be debt free – you sacrifice a savings plan and just pay bills it’s cruel 

My financial teaching were “you’ll learn the hard way” – ya thanks now I’m completely fuggard great teaching smh lol – do your children the favour and educate them on credit and spending and savings etc and help them when they get their first job to filter their earnings so that they’re set up when they’re 25 and ready to buy a house!! 

Down payments are no joke 30,000 dollars later

As a parent it’s your responsibility to educate your kids as much as you can so that they don’t need a co-signer by the time their 21. 

Good credit is like the honour roll it gets you places. 

I – I am struggling with how my shitty habits have effected me but I’m making a conscious effort to correct my ways and that’s the best I can do for me at this time. 

Dear money gods: if you are listening, i promise to take this opportunity to learn from my mistakes and to better my life by doing what is right with my finances – please help 

Mad love 


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RAW Entry #3 – Escape Plan

May 26th, 2017

I kidnapped my cousins from daycare today. I’m pretty sure I was more excited then they were lol 

So I get there – zero excitement to see me (but that’s okay) – I tell them… 

I came to get you early from daycare and take you for a picnic lunch…. no enthusiasm haha 

So we start walking to the park and it’s great. Conversations with kids really get your brain juices flowing… a lot of answering questions and then a why that follows and then I say cause I said so and another why and this goes on for as long as it possibly can. 

We check for cars crossing the street – we fight with each other about wearing hats and shoes and few tears and a scraped knee later – we’re half way. 


We get to the park we eat, barley – the poor kids get just CRAP lunches lol Like dinner left overs?? ALL THE TIME … where as when I pack their lunches they get all kinds of goodies like fig bars and dried fruits, and just that little bit extra. 


So time passes and then we hit up the beach. The water is freezing by the way but these kids don’t care.. the little one who’s 2 figured out how to make a sand angle… after going in the water harharhar jokes on her! 

Ya – all that sand EVERYWHERE she was dunked in and washed off in the freezing cold lake but not for too long cause that’s just mean and then I had to wash her face and that was all screams – I get it though – I’d be screaming too! 

Here’s the best part haha – hey both wanted ice cream so I said that they could buy their own which meant that I would borrow them the money and that they would have to get me my money back from their piggy banks and they agreed no question. Of course now I’m explaining the point of a piggy bank and that purchasing an ice cream was a waste of money and how if there was something that they really wanted they needed to not spend money but save money and like really they’re four and two – who am I kidding?? 

So after a dunk in the freezing cold lake and an ice cream cone later, the walk home (being quite literally uphill and a 90 degree angle) we all agreed we didn’t want to walk so I called us a limo – haha a taxi and home bound we went. 

Tomorrow 8am – gymnastics – you guys I DONT HAVE KIDS LOL 

Mad love; 


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RAW Entry #2 – The unexpected aka life 

May 24th 2017, 

Have you ever been a room full of people you’ve never met, heard of or seen before. So you strike up conversation and the next thing you know your souls are dancing to the same beat? 

It’s wild – I moved to a difference province and haven’t really put myself out there when it comes to meeting people solely for the purpose of focusing on me –  and lets face it, we all enjoy “me time!” 

So connecting with this person was fresh and exciting and new and definitely something I want more of.


So I started taking this course to help me figure out my interestes, my passions and my dreams. Talking about where we’ve been, where we wanna go and what has brought us to this point. So class discussion commences – all females ranging in age and diversity which makes for great conversation. 

Next thing I know I’m up in arms with excitement that this fellow class mate and I have similar interests doing all these tomboy things – like fishing and boating and being in nature along with a love for Logan aka Wolverine haha. It was almost awkward as I started to platonically crush on this complete stranger but damn it felt cool to connect like that.

So it got me thinking about my circle of girlfriends and how we all met. I met a couple of them through different jobs, one through school others through other friends. Friendship is a liquid (all me metaphor rn) we flow and touch a lot of people but once there’s that bond we become solid like ice….as time comes between us and events happen we start to melt and then evaporate – to maintain a solid friendship it’s give and take. Example: take the ice try out remember to put it back in 

I have a few girlfriends who have started to melt recently – can’t fault that though they’re really busy doing their own thing and I have all the time in the world not working. So I make sure I call and try to catch up as much as I can without being a pain in the ass lol but it’s sad and disheartening knowing you’re go to is some what gone.

My point is – maybe I’m starting to feel like I have no one to call and have a deep intellectual conversation with or to bounce thoughts off of or even rationalize my life too. I can feel the sadness inside me but I won’t let it control me.

The world keeps spinning and life goes on. Make the most of what resources you have and build stronger bonds with the people who make time for you and love you. – life is too short – 
I believe in myself – do you believe in yourself? 

Mad Love; 


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