RAW Entry #9 – Let go 

June 8th, 2017

People aren’t pitty projects. 

K readers I’m guilty of maintaining a bad relationship on the grounds of feeling sorry for someone with the hopes of change and of course feelings that ended up fading over time. (No longer together or connected)

No I wasn’t attempting to change the person but did hope that they would notice (with my help) and make the changes themselves.

It’s like trying to revive the dead – once they’re gone…… they’re gone! 

That good old lesson of learning to let go. Which I SUCK at by the way. 

I tell myself “well I just wanna help” when really the best help they could get, is me letting go. I’ve  realizied over the years that my time and energy is best served to me and my life! So why can’t I just let go?? 

When do you make the call to just dump another human being because it’s not worth your time? 

How is it okay to say “fuck this” and just walk away? 

I feel that it resonates with my past – My father was a walk in walk out dad and that killed me as a child so it seems as if I’m not wanting to be that person so I stick with the shit until all my friends are like “what the fuck are doing?” 

Me: oh you know – NOT GETTING THE HINT 😐

Worst part – I torcher myself because I do things the hard way… which is childish and not helpful – let’s be real… 

But walking past something that needs saving or rescuing is heartless and I would never forgive myself – so at least I can say I tried…. 

But at what expense? – never ever jeopardize anything in your life or yourself for another human who DGAF Lol 

Make the better choice and walk away and work through the hard feelings and ask yourself all the questions you need to in order for you to feel okay with your decision. 

What I’ve got from this experience: 

I want a man who’s part of the solution, NOT the problem. 

I try to live by that saying myself. So why wouldn’t I want that for myself. As shallow and as selfish as that may seem I have that right. 




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